Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching LMHR Consulting

What is coaching?

It is a facilitative process whereby the coach supports the client in unlocking their “potential to maximise their own performance” (John Whitmore). This is done by asking the right questions and creating a safe space to allow the client to explore a line of internal enquiry that has not been undertaken before.

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

The Level 7 qualification with the ILM was the most congruent choice for me and my business as it develops values based coaching which supports clients in discovering the power of who they are. This will allow you to develop authentic leadership, higher performance and sustained, meaningful change both within yourself and within your business.

My approach

I take a holistic and bespoke approach. I consider organisations as a whole, which means working at all levels, rather than just addressing ‘issues’ in isolation. The same applies to individuals, I consider the whole person and the impact of all the facets of their life, rather than just looking at the presenting ‘symptoms’.

How can coaching help you?

LMHR Consulting Coaching Better understanding of and connection with yourself and others, which supports and regulates behaviour patterns

LMHR Consulting Coaching Better understanding about what you want for your life and how you will get there

LMHR Consulting Coaching Increased authenticity which creates more robust relationships

LMHR Consulting Coaching Awareness and removal of limiting beliefs preventing you from accessing your full potential

LMHR Consulting Coaching Development of your leadership and management capability and an illumination of your ‘blind spots’

How can coaching help your business?

LMHR Consulting Coaching Clear strategic goals and messaging

LMHR Consulting Coaching Authentic and congruent leadership

LMHR Consulting Coaching Creation of a coaching culture, encouraging honest feedback with added value

LMHR Consulting Coaching Improved employee engagement

LMHR Consulting Coaching Improved business performance through teams that support and challenge each other

Developing you as a leader means understanding your ‘Why’. It is about supporting and challenging you to find your own unique voice, and to re-discover what’s important to you. It means ensuring that you take responsibility for your part to play and lead by example not position. Inspiring and credible leadership empowers and engages. It recognises that growth and learning come not from fear of making mistakes but from the learning opportunity that that mistake provides.

How it works

First of all it is important to note that coaching has to be voluntary. You have to be willing to take responsibility for your outcomes. I will support and challenge you, but ultimately it has to be you who does the ‘work’.

In doing the ‘work’ you will uncover more of who you are, not the version of yourself that you have created for public consumption – but all of you. People seek out authenticity and will follow people they trust and with whom they have a connection.

When we start to consider leadership, we start with ‘What do you want?’, ‘What is important to you?’, ‘How do you perceive yourself?’ ‘How do others perceive you?’ ‘How do you perceive others?’.

Working with me will be safe and confidential but it will stretch you. You will receive value added feedback that will ‘hold up the mirror’ to your blind spots and increase your self-awareness. By virtue of understanding yourself better, you will be better able to relate to others, which will make your leadership style more effective, your relationships more robust and your communication more authentic.

Praise for LMHR ConsultingI just wanted to thank you for your patience with me and for helping me focus on achievable goals. In four sessions you have achieved much more than you know! Thanks so very much.Praise for LMHR Consulting
Coaching Case Study, Brighton
Praise for LMHR ConsultingThis is to say a very big thank you to Louise for guiding me through a very difficult and hugely upsetting time in my life after the death of a family member. The idea of coaching was new to me and something I had shied away from. It was not an easy journey to make but as the sessions passed the raw emotional upset passed and a newer calmer attitude appeared. Louise ran the sessions with calm sensitivity and common sense. Louise guided me through the process and set out clear parameters which set a calm framework for each session and the overall journey. The sessions are not an easy thing to do, but by opening up it has allowed me to move on and feel less wobbly. The raw emotion has been replaced by calm and a sense of strength. Thank you Louise for giving me the space to talk and let it all out.Praise for LMHR Consulting
Coaching Case Study, Brighton