Performance Review

Performance review and development

Performance review and development Essential to good performance management is high quality regular feedback with added value. There is nothing more demotivating than working in a vacuum! An effective PRD system will foster and support a culture of ongoing, honest and meaningful conversations and maintain open lines of communication between you, your managers and your employees.

Effective PRD systems allow you to nurture your star performers, identify when they are ready for promotion or more responsibility, or address any performance issues early. They provide space to highlight and address any skills development areas, whether this is for their current role, or the next role they are aspiring to.

These conversations also have direct a link with levels of Employee Engagement. Employee engagement relates to the amount of discretionary effort expended by employees whilst at work. To be fully satisfied and competent, employees need to feel that they are valued and are producing good work that has meaning and purpose. Having regular PRD meetings ensure that Employees understand the purpose of their role and the contribution that they make towards the success of your business. Receiving regular praise and recognition will therefore help you to retain and motivate your hard working employees, and ensure that they are giving of their best whilst they are at work.

Setting objectives during the PRD meeting helps to motivate employees and direct their efforts, whilst keeping the organisation driving towards its strategic business goals. Linking organisational objectives with team and individual objectives is key in ensuring your employees understand the ‘bigger picture’ and keeps all activities aligned to the strategic business goals, whilst acknowledging individual career aspirations.

In addition to more formal PRD meetings, we encourage regular one to ones and ‘on the spot’ feedback. This keeps feedback relevant and contextual as receiving feedback weeks or months after the event has much less impact and the value of the learning will be much less significant.

An additional approach is the use of 360 degree feedback which offers a more rounded picture of behaviours from a wide range of people working with the individual. This offers the opportunity for the individual to consider how they perceive themselves at work, compared to how others perceive them. With our support, Participants will receive their combined feedback and a development plan to support their growth and learning.

At LMHR we will design these systems in line with you and your Strategic Business Objectives and Values. We offer training and support to integrate them effectively and we provide advice and guidance on the creation of relevant and meaningful development plans, together with the follow up.

Praise for LMHR ConsultingLouise is extremely knowledgeable and highly professional in her approach to all areas of her work. Yet at the same time is she is very down to earth taking the time to listen to your wants and needs and then guiding you to make the right decisions and choices for you and your business. Thank you for your time Louise, you have helped me through a process that felt quite overwhelming at the time but resulted in a more simplified approach that worked for me and my business.Praise for LMHR Consulting
Rebecca Kelly, Holistic Therapist, Hitchin