Operational HR

Operational HRWe will ensure that your employment documentation, contracts and Employee Handbook are relevant and compliant with up to date employment legislation.

We also support you with all Employee Relations activities. Broadly speaking the term ‘Employee Relations’ refers to an organisation’s efforts to manage relationships between them and their employees.

Our approach is to look at this in terms of the LifeCycle of the Employee:

LMHR Consulting What we do Recruitment

The company’s interaction with the external world and how that impacts recruitment & Employer Branding is an exercise in PR as much as it is about finding the right person for your vacancy. Ensuring that your organisation is at the top of a candidate’s ‘places I want to work’ list is a wider project, but one that is crucial in the recruitment and retention of the best staff.

We will look at the structure of the organisation and whether you have the right talent in the right places and whether your vacancy is truly necessary, or whether task reallocation (or some other solution) would be more commercial. Assuming that we still need to recruit, we will ensure that we have a full and accurate job and person specification, assist with thinking around the best places to source candidates and support the interviewing process. This may include reviewing or producing interview documentation in the way of application forms, questions and feedback.

LMHR Consulting What we do Induction

The Induction is your new starter’s first glimpse of ‘life on the inside’. What do you want that first experience of your organisation to feel like? What will they tell their friends and family their first few days were like? These experiences all contribute to the Employer Branding ‘PR exercise’ mentioned further up the page, as well as being crucial to the embedding and engagement of your new talent.

Your induction programme should do more than simply show your new starter where the kettle is. It’s about the culture of the organisation, ‘how we do things around here’. It’s having a clear understanding of your business’ vision, mission, purpose and values and crucially, it’s about understanding where they and their role sit within that, and its strategic importance.

LMHR Consulting What we do Probation period
If the recruitment and induction processes have been robust and thorough enough, generally our experience is that the probation period is a formality. However it serves as a useful ‘trying on’ period for both parties, and also an important opportunity for the manager or business leader to be clear about their expectations within that role. Objectives set at the beginning and end of the probation period then feed into the organisation’s Performance Review and Development (‘PRD’) system.

LMHR Consulting What we do Development and career progression
Receiving regular, honest, value added feedback is key in the development of robust and authentic relationships with your team members. It is also vital to increasing employee engagement and the developing of a high performing organisation. Support in this area may include a review and revision of current systems, training in how to have meaningful PRD conversations as well as considering the development needs that result and creation of a relevant development programme as appropriate. Development programmes are designed to support career development and succession planning as well as to address any technical or soft skills shortfalls.

We also offer a 360 degree feedback programme for the leader or leadership team which is a powerful way to address the performance of this important group. Click here for more information.

LMHR Consulting What we do Reward Strategy
Are your team being rewarded in a way that is appropriate, fair and engaging? Does it reflect your values and ethos? Is it in line with your business strategy?

The concept of total reward encompasses all aspects of work that are valued by employees, including elements such as learning and development opportunities, or an attractive working environment, as well as the wider pay and benefits package. People are rewarded for doing the things that support the delivery of the organisation’s strategic goals, increasing the levels at which those goals are achieved.

LMHR Consulting What we do Grievance/Disciplinary/Restructure/Redundancy
No one likes this part of managing people, but it happens, and when it does you need to handle it fairly, reasonably and within legislative guidelines. We will support you to ensure that these processes are in line with your ethos and values, that they align to your business goals and that they are as painless as possible for all parties involved.

LMHR Consulting What we do Maternity/Paternity/Adoption/Shared Parental Leave
What is a joyous time for expectant parents can require a bit of a logistical planning for the employer. We will support you in providing all the required leave, pay and health support required and manage the process to ensure that your employee remains valued and engaged even whilst they are away from the business.

LMHR Consulting What we do Exit interview
Whether termination of employment comes about through dismissal, redundancy or resignation, crucial in all of these interactions is the impact of our actions both internally as well as externally (its back to the Employer Branding PR piece).

In order to develop and sustain your market position it is important to develop a work environment that attracts and retains the very best people and fosters their growth and commitment. When designing an exit interview, the focus should be on matters that your organisation can easily turn into action plans to reduce turnover and increase engagement. Put simply, what do people enjoy about working for your organisation? What didn’t work for them? Were their values and beliefs aligned with those of your organisation?

A sensitively-managed exit can ensure that your alumni become brand ambassadors who will speak highly of their former employer.

Praise for LMHR ConsultingI have found Louise’s professional help to have been invaluable. She looks after all of our staffing requirements and issues and I recommend her absolutely. She is always a pleasure to work with and her in depth knowledge and experience is always delivered with good humour.Praise for LMHR Consulting
Mark Taylor, Managing Director, Solar Architecture Ltd.