Leadership and Management

Leadership and management LMHR ConsultingBeing a successful Business Leader isn’t just about complying with legislation and ticking the boxes. It’s about inspiring your employees, sharing your vision with them, and taking them on your journey with you.

Many business leaders and managers are very good at their jobs, and via a rite of passage find themselves managing and leading teams, with little or no input, support or development opportunities.

This can be a bewildering place to be and many find it hard, once they have arrived in these lofty positions, to ask for help.
Do you and your managers have the skills to meet the strategic needs of your business? How could we develop you to enable you to perform even better?

LMHR provides business leaders and managers support and development opportunities to help. These may come in the form of coaching or 360 degree feedback programmes or via development programmes that include:

LMHR Consulting Operational HR Having difficult conversations

LMHR Consulting Operational HR Time Management

LMHR Consulting Operational HR Effective Delegation

LMHR Consulting Operational HR Recruitment and Interviewing Skills

LMHR Consulting Operational HR Meaningful Performance Review and Development conversations

LMHR Consulting Operational HR Managing Meetings Effectively

360 degree Feedback

So, you are doing 6 monthly performance review and development meetings with your teams and everyone has their objectives to focus on for the next review period. But what about the Leadership team? How do they get developed? Who gives them feedback?

A one to one appraisal is very valuable, but an even more powerful development tool is a 360 degree feedback programme whereby typically between 6 – 8 respondents give anonymous, honest and confidential feedback on the Participant.

Typically Participants choose respondents who:

LMHR Consulting Operational HR report to them

LMHR Consulting Operational HR they report to

LMHR Consulting Operational HR work with them but who have no reporting line

Participants may also invite some clients or customers to provide feedback on them.

A 360-degree feedback program can be a powerful way of helping growth within your organisation. Used successfully, it’s a tool that increases engagement, identifies development opportunities and leads to successful leadership roles.

How does it work?

In order to ensure full engagement and collaboration the 360 degree questionnaire will be designed in consultation with the leadership team for whom it will run. That team will define the purpose of the exercise and agree the behaviours which are to be measured in the context of the strategic organisational goals, vision, mission and values.

Participants will complete the questionnaire on themselves as a self-reflection exercise in order to demonstrate how they perceive themselves at work. This in itself is a powerful exercise leading to their own insight and self-assessment. Once the data has been received by Louise from all of their Reviewers, it is accumulated into an anonymous report and common ‘themes’ are identified.

The Participant then attends a confidential discussion with Louise which starts with comparing their self-reflection results against the accumulated results of their Reviewers. This review provides an opportunity for discussion around where there are differences in perceptions of the Participant at work, what might be the cause for those differences and how the Participant’s behaviour affects others. This offers the Participant the opportunity to raise their self-awareness and take responsibility for their behaviour and actions.

The feedback received by the Participants can help them determine if their perception of themselves is similar to or different from the perception others hold of them. It can help the Participant learn things about themself that they might not have previously known and provide insights that allow them to adjust certain behaviours.

These discussions allow Participants to connect with the feedback and discuss what steps they could take to address and close the gap. The result is that the Participant will develop, with our help, a development plan to support their growth. A face-to-face feedback session is essential, but a series of coaching sessions are also recommended.

Finally it is crucial for the Participant to thank their Reviewers for their time in helping them become more aware of their development points and to share the steps they are taking to improve in those areas.

Praise for LMHR ConsultingLouise is a first rate HR specialist. I was fortunate enough to be able to draw upon Louise’s experience during a very difficult staff restructuring exercise when her support and insight proved invaluable. First and foremost, Louise is cool under pressure and this attribute should not be underestimated in highly charged situations. Commercially aware, but never losing the human touch, I would not hesitate to recommend Louise.Praise for LMHR Consulting
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