Development Programmes

Coaching and Training
Where are your knowledge or skills gaps? Do you and your employees have all the skills needed to perform to the best of their ability?

LMHR can deliver workshops, one to ones and group sessions to support your development needs, which may include:

LMHR Consulting What we do Time Management

  • goal setting
  • identifying time thieves
  • prioritising
  • self-awareness
  • planning for success

LMHR Consulting What we do How to run an Effective Performance Review and Development Meeting

  • planning and preparation
  • active listening skills
  • asking effective questions
  • feedback
  • creation of meaningful development plans and objectives
  • Role play

LMHR Consulting What we do Interviewing Skills

  • preparation and planning
  • asking competency based questions
  • active listening
  • structure
  • what not to ask!
  • Role play

LMHR Consulting What we do How to Have a Difficult Conversation

  • planning and preparation
  • purpose
  • issue
  • managing emotions
  • conflict resolution
  • Role play

LMHR Consulting What we do Coaching skills for managers

  • Listening skills, the 80/20 rule
  • Coaching for personal development
  • Coaching for management
  • Models
  • Action plan
  • Role play

LMHR Consulting What we do Giving and receiving meaningful feedback with added value

  • The benefits
  • What is ‘added value?’
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Role play

All of our courses are interactive and fun. They are bespoke and developed in line with the individual needs of the learner(s), as well as the strategic business goals and values of your organisation.

Praise for LMHR ConsultingLouise advised us through the recruitment process, reviewing our job spec. and candidates and also providing advice for the interview process. Having found the ideal candidate, she prepared a contract and job description that suited the needs of the business. Louise was very easy to work with, and explained the process in very simple terms and took the effort out of a critical process in our business moving forward.Praise for LMHR Consulting
Andrew Kelly, Director, Skywide Design